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Adorn Hair Salon is primarily a Redken Salon, carrying Redken hair color and a wide range of Redken hair care products to meet your specific hair needs—including dry & damaged hair, fine and thinning hair, hair breakage, curly and wavy hair, and color treated hair.

Olaplex’s patented bond building technology is featured in every one of their products which will help repair bonds at molecular level in every step of your hair routine.


evo fabuloso is a one-step, at-home colour boosting treatment that instantly refreshes/tones, revives and adds shine to colour treated hair.

available in 8 shades, evo fabuloso can be taken straight from shelf to shower for instantaneous results. simply use it once a week, for 3-minutes and there you have it… instantly colour boosted and conditioned hair.

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Founded on the growing need for a safe, effective, and chemical-free hair maintenance solution, REVIV3 Procare works with the natural composition of your hair follicles to prevent thinning, breakage, and hair loss. Each product was thoughtfully created by a team of highly-skilled chemists and features a blend of naturally derived ingredients that make a noticeable difference to fine, damaged, and thinning hair.